Our goal is simple: Make things better. maKe-culture is committed to improving the status quo through intelligent exploration. Project specific teams provide specialized, expert insight on landscape, architecture, urban planning and professional leadership. We make spaces better and teams stronger. We are more than a typical design and construction consulting firm. By developing team-building exercises, planning key design charrettes, and providing third-party peer review, we help make a team’s culture more cohesive. By design: We make cultures thrive.

maKe-culture is a design consultancy providing insight for indoor and outdoor projects relating to landscape architecture, architecture, urban planning and professional leadership. We are a network of professionals that enable us to compose unique teams built specifically for the project we undertake. Our specialty is in making places but also making the culture of design teams better. We create team building exercises, organize key design charettes, identify methods to engage design specialties within a project and provide individual peer review for staff, managers and owners.

maKe-culture provides design services to architecture teams as sub consultant, cities as prime consultant and as leadership consultants to various construction related design firms including engineers, architects, landscape architects, and contractors. maKe-culture’s services include standard construction documentation for projects, leadership organization for offices and design thinking education for any working discipline.